Hamburg diaLAWgue is your point of contact when you require an expert from Hamburg for the purposes of legal dialogue.


Hamburg diaLAWgue uses its network of experts to enhance international dialogue in the following areas of law, among others:

Public and administrative law

The application of the rule of law in the administration and the judiciary plays a key role in making the law a resource for society. Lawyers in Hamburg employ important principles for a functioning state based on the rule of law, such as formality and the democratic legitimacy of administrative action, in their daily work in the judiciary, in the administration and in the legal profession.

Many of them carry out this task within organisations dedicated to strengthening the rule of law. This commitment to the rule of law in Germany is not carried out in isolation. Lawyers in Hamburg are eager to use international legal dialogue – whether it relates to comprehensive reform of the law or only minor improvements to the existing legal system.

The status of Hamburg as a city state is particularly positive when it comes to the construction and maintenance of administrative structures dedicated to the rule of law, since the authorities in Hamburg have experience dealing with both municipal and state-level matters. In particular, the leading officials undertake both administrative activities and ministerial responsibilities.


  • Democratic legitimacy
  • Separation of powers
  • Constitutional consolidation
  • Human rights
  • Administrative structures and the rule of law

Criminal law

The public prosecution service in Hamburg is the second biggest in Germany. It therefore contains specialist teams dedicated to combating economic and organised crime. For this reason prosecutors in Hamburg are already heavily engaged in international legal dialogue.

In addition to prosecutors dedicated to a legally sound criminal justice system, the maintenance of this system also depends on committed and responsible defence lawyers. They provide another perspective on the strengths and weakness of the system. They can therefore enrich international legal dialogue in relation to both substantive and procedural criminal law. In Hamburg there are numerous experienced and well-known criminal lawyers ready to assist.


  • Substantive criminal law
  • Organised crime
  • Criminal procedure
  • Economic crime

Civil law and dispute resolution

Over 4 million people live in the Hamburg metropolitan area, with an immigrant population of 250,000, coming from 185 countries. Hamburg is one of the biggest economic hubs in Northern Europe and is home to 140,000 businesses. Over 20,000 Hamburg businesses have operations abroad and around 3,500 subsidiaries of foreign companies operate in the city. Over 9,000 lawyers are registered with the Hamburg Bar Association. Within the general court system, there are an array of specialist tribunals which ensure a high level of quality and efficiency. Hamburg also has the second largest insolvency court in Germany.

In Hamburg you will find expertise in all areas of civil and commercial law. Traditional strengths include maritime law, trusts law, intellectual property law and commercial and trade law.


  • Family and inheritance law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Commercial and company law
  • Insolvency law
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Maritime law
  • Trusts law
  • Dispute resolution
  • Insurance law

International law

Experts from Hamburg assist in the implementation of international treaties, and can provide advice on international investment protection and international dispute resolution.

As Germany’s biggest centre for shipping, Hamburg also has particular expertise in the fight against piracy.


  • International investment protection
  • International dispute resolution
  • Piracy
  • Public international law

Professional regulation

The legal profession in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg has long-standing traditions and is open to the world. It is organised into several professional associations, which represent its interests as well as ensuring that its members adhere to the rules and regulations of the profession.

The notarial profession can look back on 200 years of history in which it has been characterised by an international outlook, size and dynamism befitting a profession serving the economic hub that is Hamburg. The profession is therefore noted for combining tradition with modernity.


  • Professional regulation of lawyers
  • The law of notaries