Hamburg as an international centre for law

Hamburg is a legal hub noted for its internationalism.

Hamburg is a leader in national and international dispute resolution. Highly qualified courts, around 20 local and international arbitration centres and a large number of mediation facilities carry on a long tradition of dispute resolution in the service-oriented trading city of Hamburg. The website, operated by Rechtsstandort Hamburg e.V., contains information about Hamburg as a centre for dispute resolution, in many languages.

There exists an excellent level of contact with lawyers in many countries, for example in China, Russia and Vietnam. Hamburg is home to many international legal organisations.

Experts from Hamburg are involved in a variety of projects all over the world, using their expertise to help, whether it is with the legislative process, the education of lawyers, the battle against crime or the strengthening of the rule of law.

Hamburg is a popular destination for study visits by delegations of foreign lawyers from all over the world, within the ambit of international programmes such as those of the Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), the Council of Europe or the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation (IRZ).